28 Embarrassing Names That Will Make You Wonder What Their Parents Were Thinking.

No parent would wish to give their kids a bizarre-sounding name. Your kids deserve the best thing this world could offer, and attaching the wrong name to someone could lead to a life-long embarrassment. We’ve all seen names such as Weiner, Monet, or the popular-yet-confusing Dick. But the following names are unusually sounding in their own different ways. These names sound so wrong that the only explanation is the parents hated their kids so much that they decided to ruin their lives with an embarrassing name. Scroll down through the list and if you know any other funny names, please leave them in a comment. 

1. Sam Sung

2. Mr. Perv

3. Saad Maan

4. P. Ennis

5. Chris P. Bacon

6. Dick Long

7. Paul Twocock

8. Mike Litoris 

9. Mrs. Weiner And Mrs. Butt

10. Cooking With Poo

11. Moe Lester 

12. Major Dickie Head

13. Dr. Faartz

14. Jesus Condom

15. Batman Bin Suparman

16. Lord Brain

17. Mrs. Rape

18. F. You

19. Dr. Shit Fun Chew

20. Kash Register

21. Gay Neighbors

22. Dick Raper

23. MacDonald-Berger

24. Lord Vol Demort

25. Christian Guy

26. Ana L. 

27. Jack Goff

4 thoughts on “28 Embarrassing Names That Will Make You Wonder What Their Parents Were Thinking.”

  1. Years ago back in NJ, I had a friend whose surname was Dick. Her given name was Patricia. She preferred to be called ‘Patty’…. !!! We always had a great laugh together about it. She was a great NJ Piney musician too. I miss her!

  2. My ex’s last name begins with the letter M. There was no way that I would choose anything with a first initial of B. Can you imagine?

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