27 Times People Hilariously Worked Their Way Around Forgetting Or Not Knowing Particular English Words.

The number one source of frustration when learning a language is the number of times we forget words we just learned. It takes a lot of practice to make words stick to our memory. Most people when they forget a word in a second language, they get embarrassed, their live crashes right there, and they wish they’d never learned that language. Other people, though, will not let one forgettable word stand in the way of conveying their thought. So, they’d mix up other words they know and mess up the entire language to make themselves understood. Down below are examples of people who worked their way around forgetting or not knowing particular English words, and the results as usual are hilarious.

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29 Jokes About Italians That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud.

Italians gave the world a lot, including western civilization and a great culture and language. There is something Italian in every household today and that’s one more reason to adore Italians and the Italian culture. There are two things that make Italians particularly special and that’s their hand gestures and food. A lot of jokes have been made out of Italian food and the peculiar hand gestures and we’ve gathered some of them below and we hope they make you laugh.

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How People Call Cats in Different languages.

Have you ever wondered why we use particular sounds to call cats, unlike other animals? What’s ever more interesting is the they respond to our calls. (Well, most of the times, sometimes they do recognize the call but they choose to ignore you). And did you know that cats are called differently in different countries? Each country gets a cat’s attention with different noises, and here is a list of how different people call cats in different countries. If your country is missing from the list, please add it in the comment section.

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26 Reasons Why The English Language is Insane.

Whether you speak English as a first or a second language, you have your own reasons for hating the English language. It could be the irritating spelling, pronunciation, or the confusing grammar rules that natives break all the time. Because a lot of people are learning English today than ever before, most of them express their frustration while trying to learn and make sense of English. To give you a sense of this frustration and the confusing nature of the English language, here are 26 reasons why people are confused and why English is still a mystery even to its native speakers. 

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How different languages say “When Pigs Fly.”

Language diversity makes languages fun and interesting. It shows the varied potential of human genius and imagination. Imagine how much fun we would have been robbed of if we had only one language! Having different ways to say something across cultures is a great source of joy and fascination. We always ask our tremendously diverse community on Facebook about how they say stuff in their languages and the results never stop to fascinate us. Down below is our latest thread of how different languages say “when pigs fly”, i.e. it will never happen. We hope you enjoy what you’re about to read.

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31 Absurdly Worded Newspaper Headlines.

News in the good old days used to be fun. Before the internet, you’d get your news from fresh papers, with the smell of ink , and the satisfying sound of turning pages. What was particularly funny are the occasional blunders found in newspapers, because once it’s out there it can’t be altered. If a blunder goes unnoticed, that’s it, there is no way the story could get updated. If a story says: “Amphibious pitcher makes debut”, once it hits your front porch, that’s the way it’s gonna read forever. We have collected some of the funniest and most absurd newspaper headlines that could have used an edited before they went to printing press. We hope they make you laugh.

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35 People Who Took Instructions Literally And The Results Were Hilarious.

The way we use language everyday is not as simple as it seems. A simple sentence can be understood in so many ways in different contexts and our brains make a lot of effort to arrive at the most accurate meaning in a given situation. “It’s hot in here” can be used to literally describe the temperature in a given place, and it could also be used to ask someone to open the windows in an overly hot room. These double meanings can also trigger a lot of humor, such as when you tell someone something and they take it literally. Or when someone follows instructions way too literally and that leads to unexpectedly hilarious results. That’s exactly what’s happening with the people below; they took instructions way too literally (and intentionally) to make use laugh. Browse through them and let us know your favorites.

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25 People Whose Brain.exe Stopped Working And Forgot How To Use English.

Native speaker or not, you can’t disagree that more often than not you just can’t find that word you’re looking for. It’s there, you’ve used it a thousand times but you just can’t retrieve it form memory. That often happens when your brain has been exhausted and your CPU cannot process anymore data. Usually it gets back to work after a bit and there is the damn word again, ready for retrieval but you don’t need it anymore. Forgetting basic words is a common phenomenon and it has an explanation and it’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes for that. And if you can’t do that we have a bunch of people below to laugh at for the same reason. We have gathered the funniest examples of when people had a lot of trouble with English. They will make you giggle, hopefully. Let us know your favorites and tell us about words you have difficulty spelling. Have a good read.

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35 Writers Who Took Book Dedications To Another Level.

The first thing readers interact with in a book is the writer’s dedication. So it’s gotta be important and catchy. Not so many writers invest time to make the best dedication that can attract readers. Instead, most books begin with boring and unimaginative dedications and that’s why you can’t remember most of them. Only those that are creative and imaginative stick in memory, like the ones below. We went on a rampage all over the internet in search for the funniest and most creative book dedications that we think will make your day. If you have come across a funny book dedication that we have missed let us know and will have it added to our collection.

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