Map Reveals the Most Common Surnames in Every Country.

We certainly have an idea about the common surname of our own countries. But have you ever thought about what might be the most common surnames in other countries? If you don’t know, NetCredit designed a map just to enlighten you about this. So here is a comprehensive map that reveals the most common surnames in every country. We have broken down the map into different, individual continents for more details. You can view the images in full resolution by clicking on them. Have a good read.

Map shows the most common surname in every country in the world.







North America 




South America


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12 thoughts on “Map Reveals the Most Common Surnames in Every Country.”

  1. Why is the United Kingdom represented as a country? Scottish surnames bear no resemblance to English ones. I would be very surprised if Smith was the most popular surname in Scotland!

  2. This map is wrong on a few levels. (1) In Russian and Slavic speaking countries, male and female versions of the same surname (e.g. Ivanov and Ivanova) should be counted as a single surname. Clearly, that has not been done here. (2) I’ve looked into the sources provided at the bottom of the map (, and the surnames on the map do not match the surnames in the sources provided by the map authors themselves. For example, the map has “Kim” as the most common surname for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. That is not what the map authors’ own sources say. The sources, again, at the link provided by the map authors, have Sultanov as the most common surname for Kazakhstan, and Karimov as the most common surname for Uzbekistan. (3) The sources themselves are dubious, because the last official census in Kazakhstan showed “Akhmetov/Akhmetova” to be most common surname. Not Sultanov as shown in the sources provided for this map, and not Kim as shown on the map itself.

  3. Actually (I’ve got to follow that trend), whether “America” is split into two continents or combined as one is an arbitrary decision depending on the local education system. In the US, for example, it’s two (North and South are different continents). In many other countries, however, ‘they’ are one continent:

    “North America and South America are treated as separate continents in the seven-continent model. However, they may also be viewed as a single continent known as America or the Americas… This remains the more common vision in Latin American countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Greece and Hungary…”

  4. There is North America, Central America and South America. Citizens of the US calling themselves American is either a conceit or they just love blending in with the rest of the “Americans”

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