Funny and peculiar proverbs from different languages (Illustrated).

Proverbs say so much in so few words. How different cultures and languages use proverbs for certain meanings and situations is fascinating. To capture this fascination, artist James Chapman, a designer based in England, brought us a whole bunch of funny and peculiar proverb illustrations and their meanings from all around the world. 

Bilinguals perceive time differently​, study finds.

People who speak more than one language are fascinating. They provide insight into the power of language and how it shapes the way we think and experience the world. In a recent study, it has been shown that people who speak two different languages experience time differently. 

Cats can recognize their names, but that doesn’t mean they care.

Cats are nefarious, every cat owner will testify to that. They are known for their indifference to humans. A new study shows that cats do recognize their names, even if they choose to ignore you when you call them. This shows the extent to which cats have been ignoring us all this time.

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