Here is why it’s so hard to catch your own typos, according to science.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve been perfecting your paper, article, or email all night long. You made sure every word fits the topic nicely, you’ve removed all the redundant elements, fine-tuned your argument, and you are ready to stun everyone with your paper because you think it’s a personal masterpiece. You do some proofreading and then you eagerly hit send or submit.

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Here is why we can’t adopt IPA as a writing system.

Phonetics is probably the biggest breakthrough in modern linguistics. When when we talk about phonetics, the first thing that comes to mind is the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The idea of representing each distinct sound with a unique symbol is very appealing and accurate and could seemingly solve much of the pronunciation/spelling inconsistency that pertains to the writing systems we have today. That is why we might be tempted to think that it would a wise move to drop all traditional alphabets in favor of IPA. Well, as promising as that might seem, it is a terrible idea. Let’s explain why.

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You won’t find the letter ‘a’ in this article.

When someone tells you they could write some sentence or some strings of words without the mentioned letter, you would roll your eyes or even smirk out of ridicule. It’s not possible, you’d murmur! But let me surprise you. You’re going to scrutinize long pieces of writing down below in the hunt for the mentioned letter, but you won’t find one. I promise!

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4 Tips to give power to your writing.

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The following writing tips come to you from Niklas Göke, a renowned blogger and writer at the Huffington Post. Göke says that these tips took him 3 years of writing to collect. The Language Nerds brought these tips to your fingertips that you can learn in no more than 2 minutes. Aside from the read-a-lot and the like tips, here are the ones that Göke suggests: 

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