20 Hilariously Sarcastic Memes and Jokes About The British Museum.

The significance of the British Museum in London extends far beyond its historical and cultural significance. According to human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson in a 2019 interview with The Guardian, the museum’s trustees have been characterized as the largest recipients of stolen property globally, with the majority of these acquisitions not even available for public viewing. Among the most notable pilfered artifacts housed within the museum are the Elgin Marbles, a collection of classical Greek sculptures; Hoa Hakananai’a, a sculpture taken from Orongo on Easter Island; numerous metal plaques and sculptures known as the Benin Bronzes from Nigeria; and the Rosetta Stone, an ancient granodiorite stele from Egypt.

Recently, there has been a proliferation of humorous memes circulating, poking fun at the British Museum’s reputation for being associated with institutional looting. Feel free to continue scrolling to view some of our favorite examples.


Trousers - aimz ... @mochichara no one: the British Museum:


Product - Andy @1Block_squared Replying to @mochichara Some British dude coming back from a vacation


Font - The Trashies @TheTrashiesUK What's something that feels British but isn't? Pariah Carey. @Sumzlbrahiim The contents of the British Museum TRASH TRASH



While some items were obtained through legitimate means such as donations, purchases, or archaeological excavations, many others were acquired during the era of British colonialism through more contentious methods. These include instances of looting, coercion, and exploitation, where artifacts were taken from their countries of origin without proper consent or compensation. Additionally, the museum’s collection has been enriched through the activities of collectors, traders, and explorers who often operated within the context of imperial expansion. While the museum has made efforts to document the provenance of its artifacts and adhere to ethical standards in recent years, the shadow of colonial history still looms large over its acquisition practices.


Tire - British Museum


Vertebrate - Checho Janssen ... @sergioandresbm Nobody: ... The British Museum:


Face - MTIDE Harry is adjusting great to America. why do they have their own stuff in museums?


Nose - All three are going to lie to you. Never Ask A Woman Her Age A Man, His Salary And the British Museum, Where they got all that stuff



Product - Rituparna 33 @Reineguerrieree A view of the British Museum if they returned all their stolen Colonial artifacts ..O Fb

The British Museum’s reluctance to return the artifacts they “acquired” from other places raises significant ethical and moral questions. While the museum holds an extensive and valuable collection, much of it was obtained through colonial practices that are now widely condemned. Despite calls for repatriation from the countries of origin and the global community, the museum continues to justify its retention of these artifacts. Reasons cited range from concerns about the preservation and accessibility of the objects to legal complexities surrounding ownership. However, at the heart of the matter lies a fundamental issue of justice and respect for the cultural heritage of other nations. By holding onto these artifacts, the British Museum perpetuates a legacy of colonialism and denies affected communities the opportunity to reclaim and preserve their own history. It is imperative for the museum to engage in sincere dialogue with the countries of origin and work towards a just resolution that acknowledges the rightful ownership of these cultural treasures.


Hair - British We're done colonising countries Indians, Egyptians, Nigerians, etc. You're going to return our ancestral treasures right? You're going to return our ancestral treasures right?


Nose - British anthropologists when they see culturally important artifacts belonging to another ethnic group: After all... why not? Why shouldn't I keep it?


Product - Other Museums Buseu British


The best British Museum memes :) Memedroid


British Museum Stealing Things: Image Gallery (List View ...


Property - How does the British Museum have so many incredible artifacts compared to other museums? The secret ingredient is LArime.


Outerwear - Thief: *Breaks into British musuem to steal historical items* British museum: You're trying to kidnap what I've rightfully stolen.


The Only Reason Why The Pyramids Exist In Egypt Is Because They Were Too  Heavy For British Folks To Steal And Put In The British Museum - iFunny  Brazil


Jeans - J.A. @jawrote Replying to @donmoyn and @m_older Nobody: The British Museum: Don Moynihan @donmoyn British Museum nicking stuff twitter is the best twitter esergioandresbm no one: Nobody:. the British Museum: The British Museum: 6:12 AM - 10/16/20 - Twitter for iPhone 06 PM - Sep 28, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone


Head - World: Where did you get those artifacts? The British Museum: We found them.

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