If Logos Were Made By Doctors (13 Logos).

Doctors’ handwriting has achieved legendary status in the realm of hieroglyphics. It’s as if they attended a special class in medical school where the curriculum was titled “Penmanship: The Art of Mystery.” Trying to decipher a doctor’s prescription is like attempting to crack a secret code, but instead of a treasure map, you might end up with a lifetime supply of cough syrup. It’s a skill only pharmacists and highly trained detectives possess. Rumor has it that doctors have their own secret language, and their handwriting is the encrypted key. Maybe they’re just trying to keep us on our toes, wondering if they prescribed medication or a secret mission. Either way, we’re all just hoping our pharmacist is fluent in “Doctor-ish.”

Sad and Useless drew on the funny side of doctors’ penmanship to give us an idea of how doctors would draw logos of different brands.

1. Facebook

Cheezburger Image 8482587392
Sad and Useless

2. Microsoft Windows

Cheezburger Image 8482587648
Sad and Useless

3. Coca Cola

Cheezburger Image 8482588416
Sad and Useless

4. Mercedes-Benz

Cheezburger Image 8482589440
Sad and Useless

5. Intel

Cheezburger Image 8482590208
Sad and Useless

6. Apple

Cheezburger Image 8482591232
Sad and Useless

7. Puma

Cheezburger Image 8482592768
Sad and Useless

8. Twitter

Cheezburger Image 8482593792
Sad and Useless

9. Google

Cheezburger Image 8482594560
Sad and Useless

10. McDonald’s

Cheezburger Image 8482595328
Sad and Useless

11. Nike

Cheezburger Image 8482595584
Sad and Useless

12. YouTube

Cheezburger Image 8482595840
Sad and Useless

13. Instagram

Cheezburger Image 8482596608
Sad and Useless

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