Language Learning | - Part 2

Babies start learning language in womb, studies reveal.

How we learn and use language is a miraculous feat that science knows so little about. Babies use language meticulously at a very young age.  It could come up as surprising that babies have any contact with the outside world before they are born, but new evidence came to light which suggests that babies can hear noises from inside the womb. Not just that, they are actively involved in learning the sounds of the language their mothers speak. So, in a way, language learning starts in the womb, well before than previously thought. Now let’s break this down in more detail. 

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Language learning: Your ultimate visual guide.

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Learning a new language and excelling at it is a tremendous task. It takes effort, time, and a lot of determination. Let’s face it, people like us, language nerds, devote a considerable amount of time, sometimes money, to learn a new language or two. But still, the devastation is there. Language learning theories sometimes suck and sometimes they are as good as a pile of old dirt. Without needless technical details, The Language Nerds brought to you a language learning infographic that was put together by a team in UndergradedPoints. This infographic visualizes the optimal language learning process and shows you how language learning is best practiced, according to science. So let’s get down to it. Have a good read! 

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