30 Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary Immediately.

One of the coolest aspects of language, any language, is the creativity and productivity of its speakers. Language allows you to express the abundance and infinity of your thoughts with any combination of sounds you want. And if there is no word for something you want to say, you simply create that word on the spot and start using it to mean what you want it o mean. And that’s pretty much the story of every word in the dictionary. People create all sorts of words for different reasons but a tiny few make it to a dictionary. They say that a word gets added to a dictionary every two hours. But I have no idea why these haven’t made it to any dictionary despite being the coolest words I have ever seen. They are perfect examples of what is called portmanteaus; mashing both the sounds and meanings of two words together to get a new one. So, here are 30 words that should actually be added to a dictionary because they are just cool. 

1. Askhole

2. Bedgasm

3. Textpectation

4. Chairdrobe

5. Masturdating

6. Cellfish

7. Nonversation

8. Destinesia

9. Errorist

10. Carcolepsy

11. Ambitchous 

12. Hiberdating

13. Youniverse

14. Internest

15. Columbusing

16. Unkeyboardinated

17. Afterclap

18. Beerboarding 

19. Dudevorce

20. Epiphanot

21. Unlightening

22. Nerdjacking

23. Nomonym

24. Doppelbanger

25. Irrightional

26. Cupidity

27. Asstag

28. Juggersnot

29. Eglaf

30. Chiptease

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12 thoughts on “30 Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary Immediately.”

  1. I love errorist and irrightional the most.. I have many friends in both group so I can use them often.. lol

  2. Love these! Askhole is my favorite. Another favorite that I found in response to a Mensa challenge is: Dopeler effect = the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

  3. May I submit “technoklutz” and/or “digiklutz” (n) someone who often makes mistakes when trying to do even the simplest thing on either comtemporar technology or a digital device.

    My favourite from your list is internest

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