54 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names.

You know..that little space, that dot-shaped thing, or that stuff you find when you pop the other stuff!! Or the whatchamacallit. We’ve all had moments when we couldn’t name a certain thing and we knew there should be a word for it. Well, you’re right, there is. Here is a list. 

The Meanings Behind the Names of the World’s Most Popular Brands.

You see and hear these brand names almost every day, and I know you wondered what they mean. To answer your curiosities, we brought to you a very informative infographic designed by The Translation Company that showcases the meanings of the world’s most popular brands. Have a good read đŸ™‚

Cats can recognize their names, but that doesn’t mean they care.

Cats are nefarious, every cat owner will testify to that. They are known for their indifference to humans. A new study shows that cats do recognize their names, even if they choose to ignore you when you call them. This shows the extent to which cats have been ignoring us all this time.

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