Top 20 Euphemisms for “Period” From Around the World.

Language differences are a great source of fascination and we’re blessed with the abundance of languages that exist in the world today. Every time we ask our followers at The Language Nerds to share how they say something in their language, we get awesome and fascinating responses that we can’t wait to share with the world. This time we asked about how different languages and cultures say “period” in a euphemistic way, and the results will blow your mind. Browse through them and let us know what you think. 

1. English

Shark week.

Aunt Flo/Flow.

Code red.

The Red Badge of Courage.

Lady business. 

Mother Nature’s Gift.

2. German

It’s Strawberry week.

The Red Army has arrived (refers to the army of Soviet Russia or the Soviet Union).

The red plague is here. 

Tomato juice. 

It smells like fish. 

Monthly oil change.

3. Italian

I have my things. 

Guests/relatives have come.

I have a flood.

Red Sea. 

4. Danish

Painters are in the stairway.

The Russians have arrived. 

The communists are in the funhouse.

The Red Sea.

Aunt Red is here. 

5. Chinese

Regular holiday.

The old friend has come.

6. French

It’s Ketchup week.

It’s a crime scene in my panty.

 It’s strawberry season.

 The British army landed in my panty.

VOO (Vaginally Out of Order).

The little clown with a nose bleeding.

Cooking black Pudding.

Niagara falls.

Technical control. 

7. Spanish

Defrosting the steak.

Red traffic light

The rule.

It’s like a tomato. 

I’m with Andrew, the one that comes once a month. Spanish: “Andrés, el que viene cada mes” (rhyme).

8. Russian

The Red Army.

The Red day of the calendar. 


9. Portuguese

It’s raining in the farm.

Benfica plays (Portugues Futbol Club with a red Flag)

Red traffic Light.

I’m With Chico.

The basin is broken.

The soccer team is playing at home (in red jerseys).

10. Dutch

Monthly Party. 

The egg yolk has dropped to the bottom. 

11. Finnish 

Japan is attacking. 

Mad Cow Disease. 

12. Chilean Spanish

The rabbit has been stabbed. 

13. Punjabi

I’m untouchable. 

14. Turkish

The motherland is bleeding. 

My aunt has come.

15. Afrikaans

Granny is coming in the red car.

16. Greek 

The Russians are in town. 

17. Romanian

I was bitten by a rooster. 

18. Arabic

I have the monthly habit.

19. Romanian

I have guests. 

20. Irish

The decorators are in.

The painters are in the hallway. 

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