20 Ways to Divide Europe

Yanko Tsvetkov is an artist who calls himself “a person living on Earth.” He’s also the person behind the Atlas of Prejudice, a collection of funny maps that show common ideas about Europe. He only needs a map of Europe, and then he draws lines on it to make different sections.

Now, these ideas, called stereotypes, aren’t always true, but they do a good job of showing what people from Europe might think about each other. These stereotypes cover things like the weather, politics, and privilege. You may or may not agree with them, but some of them might make you chuckle a bit.


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Europe is divided into different categories to help people understand its geography and cultures better. One way is by looking at its regions, like Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. These regions have their own unique traditions, languages, and landscapes. Another way to categorize Europe is by countries. There are many countries in Europe, each with its own government and way of doing things. Some countries, like France and Germany, are big and powerful, while others, like Luxembourg and Malta, are smaller but still important. These categories help us explore and learn about the diverse and fascinating continent of Europe.


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Europe is diverse and interesting because it’s like a big patchwork quilt of different people, places, and things. You can find lots of different languages, like French, Spanish, and German, and try yummy foods from all over, like pasta from Italy and chocolate from Belgium. There are ancient castles to visit, beautiful mountains to climb, and cool museums to explore. Europe’s history is like a storybook with kings, queens, and knights. People in Europe have different customs and traditions, which makes it fun to learn about how they celebrate special holidays. All these differences make Europe a fascinating place to visit and discover.


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