This Map Shows Every Country’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction.

While every country has a multitude of incredible places and experiences to explore, ranging from well-known attractions to more hidden gems, this global map created by Vouchercloud presents a comprehensive view of each country’s most popular tourist destination as per TripAdvisor’s rankings.

In the map, the top tourist destinations are broken down into four categories; natural, historic, touristic, and religious. The natural category makes up 38.6%, and it includes places like Canada’s Niagara Falls or Norway’s Geiranger Fjord. The historic category makes up 27.4% and includes places such as China’s Great Wall. The religious category includes places like Thailand’s Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and makes up 14.7% of the country. The remaining category, tourist, includes a much wider variety of destinations within it, and it amounts to 19,3% of the total tourist destinations.

We have broken down the map into its respective continents below. Click to see images in full resolution.


South America

Asia and Australasia.

North and Central America


Middle east and the rest of Asia


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