“Zero Fucks Given” in Different Countries.

The use of idioms in different languages is a fascinating aspect of human communication. Idioms are phrases or expressions that carry a figurative meaning, often unique to a particular language or culture. They add color, depth, and cultural flavor to conversations, reflecting the collective wisdom, history, and values of a community. Idioms can be both literal and metaphorical, and their origins are often rooted in historical events, folklore, or cultural practices. While idioms can be challenging to understand for non-native speakers, they provide insight into the intricacies and nuances of a language, as well as offer glimpses into the way people perceive the world. Exploring idioms across languages not only broadens our linguistic horizons but also encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and their rich linguistic tapestries.

One interesting idiom that is expressed differently across cultures and languages is the English equivalent of “I don’t give a shit.” Each language uniquely expresses the content of this idiom in interesting ways. We have combined some of them in this post. Kindly read through them and let us know if we missed anything.

1. Germany

It’s sausage to me.

This is blood Even the pudding to me.

2. Spain

I care a cucumber.

3. Belgium

It can oxidize on my anus.

4. France

I slap my balls on it

5. Finland

It interests me as much as a kilogram of shit.

6. Greece

Flowers on my d*ck and bees all around.

7. Portugal

I’m pooping on this.

8. Hebrew

It interests my grandma.

9. Russia

It’s horseradish to me.

 I spun it on my d*ck.

10. Italy

It doesn’t a d*ck to me.

Why the door of my d*ck.

11. Czech Republic

I have it in my ass.

12. Brazil

I’m pooping and walking.

13. Estonia

I have Estonian dessert powder too.

14. Danmark

it bothers me like a cardboard duck.

15. Turkey

Not on my d*ck.

16. Ukraine

I snooze on it.

17. Hungary

Even the dog is uninterested.

18. Norway

I give a cat.

19. United States

I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I don’t give a crap.

I don’t give a damn.

20. Poland

I care about it as shit.

21. Iceland

Give me more news of the capelin.

22. Mandarin

Stewardess doesn’t have yesterday

23. Romania

I mind it less than the dirt under my nails.

24. Mexico

I care 40 hectares of chili peppers.

25. Argentina

It sucks me one ball.

26. Irland

I couldn’t give a flying fcuk.

27. Morocco

It’s not my supermarket.

28. Madagascar

My pee/poo doesn’t care about it.

29. New Zealand

I don’t give a rat’s arse.

30. Sweden

I shit in it.

I give a shiny devil about it or it doesn’t touch my back.

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