How Different Languages Say “It’s Not Your Business.”

The sentiment behind “nobody asked you” transcends language barriers, finding expression in various idioms and phrases across different cultures. It’s like a worldwide eye-roll that different languages use different, sometimes very sarcastic, idioms to express. Each of these idioms carries the same essence of dismissing unwanted opinions or interjections, albeit with linguistic nuances specific to their respective cultures. Despite the differences in language, the message remains universal: sometimes, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself. So here are different and funny ways people ask someone to keep their opinion to themselves in different languages.

1. English

Mind your beeswax.

2. French

Go somewhere else to see if I am there.

Deal with your own onions.

3. Arabic

You have no camel in the caravan.

Her father is ok with it, and I am ok with it. What is it to you, Judge?

4. Chilean Spanish

Who gave you a candle for this vigil?

5. Russian

You’re not getting fu*ked, so don’t wiggle your ass.

6. Polish

Don’t poke your nose into someone else’s business.

Not your grandma’s freckles

7. Bangali

Oil your own machine.

8. Lebanese Arabic

Who stepped on your tail?

9. Lithuanian

Not your garden, not your beans.

10. Dutch

Did I rattle with the trashcan?

11. Italian

Deal with your own cabbages.

12. Romanian

Don’t stick your nose where your pot is not boiling.

13. Portuguese

The one out chops wood.

14. Ukrainian

Do not put your nose in another person’s millet.

15. Cameroonian

What is a bicycle looking for in the petrol station?

16. Bulgarian

Nobody asks you what size are your underpants.

17. Marathi

Don’t thrust your nose in this.

18. Aussie

Pull your head in.

19. Hausa

Mend your cloth where it tore.

20. Hungarian

No card is dealt to you.

Sweep in front of your own house.

21. German

When the cake speaks, the crumb is on break.

22. Spanish

Nobody gave you a candle for this burial.

23. Brazillian Portuguese

The conversation hasn’t reached the pigsty yet

24. Greek

Sit on your own eggs.

Do not grow where you were not sown.

25. Venezuelan Spanish

Who said “turd” for you to float up?

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