If Animals Could Speak, Here is What They Would Say.

Whether you own a pet or not, you must have given it many a though before: if animals could speak, what would they say? What if they already speak, but we’re too ignorant to understand their language? These are fairly non-trivial questions that science is still probing into but with no avail. All we can do now is entertain the humorous idea of what animals would say if they could speak. Many comic strips have translated, quite humorously, the thoughts of animals in everyday situations. We have combined some of them in this article and we hope they appeal to you. These comics come to you from They Can TalkEarth to Planet Cartoons, and Liz Climo. Scroll through them and let us know what you liked. 

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How Animals Sound In Different Languages.

Different languages perceive animal sounds differently. If you think your language represents animal sounds accurately, you are so wrong. Well, when it comes to the sounds animals make, all languages have them right. No matter your native language, you will appreciate how animals sound in other languages. PhD physics student and illustrator Chapman brought us an illustration that sums up the interesting comparison of how animals sound in different languages. Have a good read 🙂 

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