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29 Of The Most Common Acronyms And What They Stand For.

I was surprised to find out that there were words I have been saying my whole life that were actually acronyms. Acronyms are everywhere and most of us use them all the time but not everyone knows what they stand for, like LASER or IKEA. We have combined in this article some of the most common acronyms and we have sorted them from the easiest to the most difficult. You will find the ones at the top quite easy to guess but as you make your way to the bottom I doubt you will know what they stand for. Please tell us in comment how many did you know. 

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Most common sounds in spoken English.

This article lists all English phonemes in order of frequency. By phonemes is meant all sounds that make up the sound inventory of the English language and that includes both consonant and vowel sounds (as opposed to letters). This classification is based on data compiled using the Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary correlated to a frequency list of the British National Corpus, i.e. American pronunciations with British word-usage. Here are the results:

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