english | - Part 3

Will Everyone In The World Eventually Speak English?

We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly learn from the past. And the answer to the above question is a resounding NO. Of course, you may have a difference of opinion, but consider the line of reasoning first. While it is true that more than 50% of the 6000-7000 languages in the world are endangered and will be dead in a matter of a century, that still leaves billions of people speaking the rest of the remaining languages, which can be numbered between 600-700. Compared to one, this is a huge number. 

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These Sentences Are Perfectly Grammatical. Learn How They Trick You.

 What if I told you that you have a blueprint for speaking a certain language? When you come across a grammatical sentence that matches our blueprint, you easily process it and accept it as a sentence that belongs to your (native) language. But, when you come across an ungrammatical sentence that doesn’t match the blueprint, you rule it out, as simple as that. However, sometimes some grammatical sentences in disguise mess with the blueprint and they challenge us cognitively. They are perfectly grammatical but generally not acceptable as they initially seem incorrect; they lead us down a garden path. Incidentally, these sentences are called garden-path sentences

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Interesting Facts About the English Language that You Didn’t Know.

No one disagrees that English is such a weird language. It has been the largest language to have been thoroughly studied, revealing more its peculiarities. Today, we brought some of the strangest facts that research has revealed about English. Aside from being a language where one drives in a parkway and parks in a driveway, recites in a play, and plays in a recital, here are some other facts about English: 

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The sweet adventure of the English language.

Among the languages that enjoy a significant prestige and history is obviously English. The greatness of English, ironically enough, was inherited not from the speakers it has today, and as the language of the Free World, but from its great history, a history of blood and sacrifice. So see how English stumbled its way to the modern world.

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