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What is Universal Grammar?

If you are even slightly interested in language and linguistics, chances are you heard the term Universal Grammar a fair amount of times. It is a central concept in modern linguistics and the most controversial. It is a term that was born in the pursuit of trying to answer some very fundamental  and old questions about language. But what exactly is Universal Grammar? 

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Here is the language​ that disproves Universal Grammar.

Linguists, led by Chomsky, did a wonderful job in describing how language works. By thoroughly studying a handful of human languages, they were able to devise a theory, i.e. Universal Grammar, which could explain all possible human languages with all their hidden features and peculiarities. Every single language fits in there nicely. They were able to account for all the differences among human languages and how they are effortlessly learned by children of 4. Thanks to them, we know more about language than ever before. 

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