50 Awfully Good Oxymorons.

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two or more words side by side contradict each other. Their use in speech often leads to humor, irony, and sarcasm.  We’ve asked our followers at The Language Nerds to share their favorite oxymorons and the result has been nothing short of hilarious. We’ve compiled them here for you and added some more and we hope they appeal to you. Have a good read! 

  • original copy
  • civil war
  • unbiased opinion
  • good morning
  • fight for peace
  • clearly misunderstood 
  • found missing 
  • same difference 
  • happily married 
  • military intelligence 
  • clearly confused 
  • alone together 
  • quiet children
  • extinct life 
  • deafening silence 
  • new and improved 
  • act naturally
  • living dead 
  • start quitting 
  • less is more 

  • educated guess
  • student teacher 
  • larger half 
  • infinity and beyond 
  • bittersweet 
  • wireless cable 
  • auto-correct 
  • jumbo shrimp 
  • virtual reality 
  • plastic silverware
  • Microsoft works
  • decaffeinated coffee 
  • vegan things with meat flavor 
  • organized chaos 
  • bottom-up 
  • cold as hell 
  • only choice
  • old news 
  • even odds
  • pretty ugly

  • humane slaughter 
  • working holidays 
  • true lies 
  • parallel convergence 
  • growing smaller 
  • impossible solution 
  • lead balloon 
  • poor health
  • random order
  • good grief 
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