The Surprising Benefits of Being Bilingual.

Speaking a second language pays dividends as it has strong cognitive and social benefits. So, whatever trouble you took to learn a language, trust me it’s worth it. Below are some of the amazing benefits of learning a new language. Hope they convince you to learn one down the road.

1. Being bilingual makes a person smarter and has profound effects on your brain, improving cognitive skills and strengthening brain connections.

2. Bilingual children as young as 7 months can easily adjust to environmental changes. And seniors who are bilingual can experience less cognitive decline.

3. Bilingual people have sharper cognitive skills, keeping their brains persistently alert and active even when only one language is used.

4. Bilingual people can very easily sort puzzles with speed and success.

5. Bilingual adults with Alzheimer’s take twice as long to develop symptoms as their monolingual counterparts. The mean age for the first signs of dementia in monolingual adults is 71.4 and for bilingual adults is 75.5.

6. Bilingual people display increased concentration on assignments than monolingual people.

7. Bilinguals are more skillful at focusing on relevant information and ignoring irrelevant ones.

8. Bilingual people are better at multitasking. They can easily switch between two systems, writing and structure.

9. Bilingual people have denser grey matter compared to monolinguals. Grey matter is responsible for processing language, storing memory, and dictating attention spans.

10. Learning a foreign language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, which strengthens the mental muscle. This mental exercise improves overall memory, making bilinguals better at remembering lists and sequences.

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11. Bilingual speakers tend to make more responsible decisions. They are more certain of their choices after thinking them over in their second language.

12. Learning foreign languages makes bilingual people more effective communicators, editors, and writers.

13, Bilingual people usually land better-paying jobs and make a lot more money than monolingual people.

14. Bilingual people have an adaptive ability to live abroad and learn other foreign languages easily later in life. They are exposed to more than one culture, which leads to acceptance and understanding of others.

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