The 10 Most Annoying Phrases in the English Language.

If you’re like everybody else, there are words and phrases that appeal to you either because the way they sound is satisfying or because they just mean something really good. On the other hand, there are words and phrases that just fall like acid rain on your ears. You cringe at them and you just wish the dictionary were devoid of them. Here is a list of the 10 most annoying words that I think you will agree they annoy you as well.


This is the polite corporate version of saying, “You should consider doing this unpleasant task, or there might be consequences for your salary.”


This desperate tautology is a elaborate way of saying of “I have nothing helpful to contribute, but don’t want to stop talking yet.”


If it’s the end of the day, why are you using this phrase at every time of the day?


The irony here is that this phrase is always followed by something really disrespectful. Like “With all due respect, you’re stupid.”


This phrase is an oddly philosophical way to kill someone’s dreams. Like, if you ask your boss for a raise and they reply with “not at this moment in time.


So basically you’re telling me that you’re actually saying what you uttered out of your mouth and you didn’t actually vomit it? Just sayin’.


As opposed to “I, collectively?” Your redundant adverb just stole an extra second of life from everyone in the room. How do you, personally, feel about that?


“You Only Live Once” is mostly an excuse for doing something selfish, irresponsible, or dumb. Do what you gotta do and leave me out of it.


Believe it or not this is the shortened version of “totally”, and the fact that it’s a word in its own right is annoying enough.


Of course, the other person knows. They said it to begin with. 

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