Most Mentioned Countries in Every Country’s Wikipedia Page.

Every country’s Wikipedia page has lots of important information about its economy, culture, and geography. What’s cool about Wikipedia is that people all over the world keep reading and contributing to its knowledge base. There are 27 countries where millions of people visit their pages every month (the U.S. and Japan are the top ones, with billions of views!). Even in China, where they block the Chinese version of Wikipedia, it still gets millions of hits monthly.

The team at Crossword-Solver wanted to know which countries are most commonly mentioned on each country’s Wikipedia page. So, they went through all the pages to find out. Here are the results. Browse through them and let us know your thoughts.


South America

If you take a careful look at the Wikipedia pages of different countries, you’ll notice some interesting stuff. They give you a quick summary of world history and how different countries have influenced the world. When it comes to countries like Angola, Barbados, and Ivory Coast, you’ll see that their former colonizers are mentioned the most. But here’s a surprise: China, even though it’s the most populous country, only gets mentioned on four pages. On the other hand, India takes the crown by being mentioned on 21 pages! That’s more than any other country. This is probably because of India’s rich history and the fact that lots of Indian people moved to other countries for work.



North America



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