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21 Phrases Americans Say That Make Zero Sense To Non-Americans.

You may have noticed that people in America do things radically differently. I don’t know if that’s a tendency or that Americans try so hard to distinguish themselves from the rest of the word. I mean why would you choose Fahrenheit over the much more elegant Celsius, mile over kilometer (and don’t get me started on how kilometer is pronounced over there), pound (which is abbreviated by the way as lb) over kilogram, etc. 

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58 Differences Between British And American English That Still Confuse Everyone.

To be honest, it’s starting to feel like British English and American English are not the same language anymore. To quote George Bernard Shaw, the United States of America and the UK are “two countries divided by a common language.” They can still understand each other, but the marked differences between the two varieties are growing steadily with each generation that in a few years they are going to be mutually unintelligible. One of the most notable and confusing differences, besides pronunciation, is at the level of vocabulary. Grammar Check visualized these differences in a beautiful infographic that we broke down here for you. Have a good read ?

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Major differences between American and British English.

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Americans and their British neighbors may share a language, but that doesn’t mean they speak exactly the same version of it. There are many unsubtle differences between British and American English that make each one unique, from small spelling changes to entirely different words for common concepts. GrammarCheck ingeniously illustrated these differences in a beautiful infographic that we brought to your fingertips.  Check it out and share with us any other differences you think the infographic left out. Enjoy! 

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