20 Things Only Bilinguals Will Understand.

Being able to speak multiple languages is priceless. Language is key to understanding another culture, which is like opening up and discovering a whole new world. It enables you to converse with a whole other group of people, understand a whole another set of ideas, and perceive everything in life from more than one angle. There are some experiences that only bilinguals can relate to. Below are 20 of them. 

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You Can’t Read This Article Si T’es Pas Bilingue.

Being bilingual est parmi the best pleasures dans le monde entier. Think about it pour un instant. You can utiliser deux different languages en même temps in a such a way that makes ton cerveau wants to exploser from the speed par la quelle it switches from one langue to l’autre but still tu peux do it and ressentir spécial(e) at the same time, et c’est pour ça you are unique.

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Bilinguals perceive time differently​, study finds.

People who speak more than one language are fascinating. They provide insight into the power of language and how it shapes the way we think and experience the world. In a recent study, it has been shown that people who speak two different languages experience time differently. 

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The surprising benefits to being bilingual (infographic).

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Speaking a second language pays devidends as it has strong cognitive and social benefits. So, whatever trouble you took to learn a language, trust me it’s worth it. We at The Language Nerds brought to you an infographic that was put together by Visually which sums up the benefits to being bilingual. I’m going to leave you with the infographic for now, have a good read!

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