16 Hilarious Memes About the Importance of Grammar and Punctuation. |

16 Hilarious Memes About the Importance of Grammar and Punctuation.

1. We don’t want your grandma to die because of a comma.

2. Run, kids. Run!

3. You apparently don’t like commas, do you?

4. Grammar makes a world of difference.

5. Grammar makes your insults heard.

6. I wanna go see too funny to.

7. Classy!

8. I prefer correcting their grammar, though.

9. This sign should be burned, not just marked!

10. Punctuation makes all the difference.

11. Oxford commas are not overrated.

12. Always proofread!

13. …

14. Told ya!

15. Don’t forget about hyphens, too.

16. Your exposed without you’re grammar.

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10 thoughts on “16 Hilarious Memes About the Importance of Grammar and Punctuation.”

      1. You are so right! Especially since it should read:
        “We are going to learn how to cut and paste, children.”

        I worked with lots of pioneer children’s projects – daycare and latchkey and literacy. A child is not a kid. The word should be used at times of fitness and rowdy fun like picnics. I realize that many feel that the word “Children” is stuffy, but that depends entirely on YOU. If you get all stuffy when you used the word, then it WILL sound stuffy. But almost everyone sounds ugly saying “kids”, so, clearly, something should be done.

  1. Capitalization is also important. Help your Uncle Jack off the horse. Help your uncle jack off the horse.

  2. For more on this wonderfully hilarious subject, please read “Eats Shoots and Leaves”, an entire book with an emphasis on every punctuation mark .

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