17 Signs That Show You love Linguistics.

Like everything else, studying languages has its quirks. When you spend a lot of time unraveling the workings of language, you can’t help but develop some unique characteristics that set you apart from the rest of the herd. We mention below some signs that are typical of language majors and we hope you like them. Kindly add any other signs we left out. Have a good read.

1. You’ve made the mistake of doing your phonetics homework in the library where everyone else thought you’re crazy. 

2. You have a serious opinion about Chomsky. 

3. You get pissed when people ask you how many languages you speak. 

4. You secretly judge people who say that dialects don’t have rules. 

5. You’re totally jealous of your baby cousin’s language-learning skills.

6. You pity those who majored in literature. 

7. Perfectly-drawn syntax trees give you brain orgasms. 

8. You know all the languages of the world, but all you can speak is your native language. 

9. You constantly keep staring at words, questioning their existence. 

10. You’re truly concerned about language death and you’re the only one who apparently cares.

11. You think prescriptivism is a crime and you can’t bear those who prescribe language rules. 

12. You could literally argue for hours about the word “literally.”

13. You have ALL the IPA shortcuts enabled.

14. You hate that there still isn’t an easy way to make sentence trees on Microsoft Word.

16. you always fantasize about a magic pill you could swallow and then be able to speak all languages.

17. You idolize native speakers and you can’t stop listening to them when they talk even if you don’t understand a word of what they say. 

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