23 Children’s Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes.

What children can do with language is fascinating and sometimes just downright hilarious. On their way to learn how to spell words correctly, they make really funny spelling mistakes here and there. Luckily for us grownups, the spelling mistakes we made as kids went unnoticed and today’s smartphones and social media were not there to document our forever forgotten spelling stupidity. These kids, however, made typo errors that will be remembered forever. Scroll down below to see our pick of the bawdiest misspellings of words so creative, that even a grammar check might not help them. Have a good read ?

1. Horse

2. Cook

3. Math

4. Virginia 

5. Whole

6. Come in Peace

7. My pen is a goat

8. Tights

9. Santa 

10. Shirt 

11. Peanuts

12. You Can’t Catch Me

13. Come With Me

14. I Like Pencils

15. Happy Birthday Kurt

16. Chum Bucket

17. Account

18. The Beach 

19. Abraham Lincoln

20. Cute

21. Your House




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