“It’s a Piece of Cake” In Different Languages.

We wrote a lot of articles previously on how some English idioms translate to other languages. Such as how different languages say it rains cats and dogs. Today, we’ve got another phrase for you that makes it to pretty much every language. That phrase is “a piece of cake“.

A piece of cake” is an English idiom that is used to describe something that is very easy to accomplish. Most languages have an idiom to say the same thing. We have compiled a list of how different languages say “a piece of cake”. If we have missed anything please feel free to add it in a comment.

1. Belarusian:

Simpler than a stewed turnip.

2. Chinese:

As easy as turning your hand over.
A side dish.

3. Bulgarian:

As a child’s game.
An easy job.

4. Croatian:

A cat’s cough.
As simple as jam.

5. Czech:

As easy as a slap.

6. Danish:

As easy as slapping one’s neck.

7. Dutch:

Child’s play.
A child can do the laundry.
I can do it with my eyes closed.

8. English:

As easy as pie.
As easy as ABC.
As easy as 123.
As easy as falling off a log.
As easy as shooting fish in a barrel.
As easy as taking candy from a baby.
A piece of cake.
No sweat.

9. French:

Child’s play.
As easy as sticking your fingers in the nose.
It’s not sorcery.
it’s as simple as hello.
It’s cat’s piss.

10. German:

Child’s play.

11. Hebrew:

I can do it blindfolded.
Easy peasy.

12. Indonesian:

As easy as turning your palm around.

13. Japanese:

Before breakfast (something that’s so easy, you could finish it before breakfast).

14. Korean:

Lying on one’s back and eating rice cakes.
Eating cool rice gruel.

15. Italian:

As easy as a walk in the park.

16. Latvian:

As easy as taking a candy from a child.
Like 2 times 2.

17. Moroccan:

As easy as drinking water.

18. Polish:

Bread rolls and butter.
Small beer.
It’s two times two.

19. Portuguese:

It’s chicken soup.

20. Romanian:

Flower at your ear.

21. Russian:

Understandable to a hedgehog.
Like someone barefooted taking off their shoes.
It’s as easy as two times two.

22. Slovanian:

As easy as a small meal.

23. Spanish:

As easy as 123.

24. Swedish:

As easy as a small pancake.

25. Turkish:

As pulling a hair from butter.
Child’s play.
Patridge in the bag.

26. Welsh:

As easy as pulling a hand across the face.
As easy as breathing.

27. Greek:

As butter spread on bread.

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