French Woman Claims English is a “Simple” Language, Gets Schooled By Linguists.

When you study linguistics, a pivotal realization emerges – the absence of linguistic hierarchy. No language inherently dominates another, and intellect is not divided along linguistic lines. The ability for language is universally inherent in the overwhelming majority of humanity, and our proficiency in our native tongues does not serve as a gauge for intelligence. A clear distinction exists between the linguistic skills demonstrated in standardized tests like the SAT and the nuanced oral expression inherent in everyday conversation.

Unfortunately, these tenets of linguistic equality are not widely known by TikTokers. TikTok is a cesspool of pseudoscience, so it’s no surprise that one of its users is spreading that nonsense. 


Font - Sam O @SamtheNightOwl english has one of the largest vocabularies in the world and she didn't cite any of these studies by name or even define what complexity is in the context of linguistics. she just said a bunch of things with confidence and it makes it seem like she's right. powerful BSing here


Font - Ashley Reese @offbeatorbit the second she brought up IQ I tapped out lol


Rectangle - Dennis DiClaudio (Alpha Louis Malle) @dennisdiclaudio Very scientific.


Rectangle - slurry @Slurricane H Maybe she's not dumb in French


Font - HASW Eric Perricone @Eric Perricone When language is complex the brain brainifies more. Into a brainier brain. Just love when people act like a more "complex brain" is a thing in science. Like as you gets smarter the brain morphs.


Font - slurry @Slurricane H This post just leveled up my brain


Font - Religious4Pizza @Religious4Pizza They have never done any harm to me, and I find them pretty chill, but Today, I am joining the French hate bandwagon


Font - Religious Sailor Moon @tradcatboy It's just objectively untrue, English has a nearly unique double vocabulary of Latin and German words that express incredibly specific shades of meaning


Font - Eggo Death @BodilyKeeper Oh English is a near universal language because it's easy to learn? That's why? Interesting. I'm sure there aren't any other more salient reasons. My family in the Philippines all speak English because it was the easiest foreign language to pick up.


Font - dannObanno @dann bann "Studies have shown the more complex your language is the more complex your brain is" she just made that up. It's not even possible to rank languages by complexity.


Font - hack harlow @BriceCollin I'm a speech language pathologist and feel like I have to go take blood pressure medication after seeing that video


Font - Spike R. Monster @spikermonster ... as someone whose second language is english just let me say you have to be VERY intuitive to understand english. it feels simple when you learn it naturally but try teaching someone this: alexbbypls: break-itbrian: if you ever think English is not a shit language just remember that read and lead rhyme and read and lead rhyme, but read and lead don't rhyme, and neither do read and lead. This post fucked me up.


Terrestrial plant - anna may wrong @nonbin_eri this video is so wild in so many different ways but not the "ppl in Asia have higher IQs because Mandarin and Arabic are complex languages" pseudoscience....and on the first day of AAPI Heritage Month???


Font - Astronaut Marvin @CosmonautMarcus Tiktok is so funny because you can just log in and spew made up facts for two minutes straight and if you speak with enough confidence you can trick a bunch of teenagers


Font - employee of the week @oluwatoge not listening to the linguistics opinions of a french person yall gender objects how about u go handle that instead ???

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