Nerd or big bucket? What different cultures call keen learners.

In various corners of the world, people from different cultures and countries have their own ways of describing keen learners. These individuals, who eagerly seek knowledge and love to explore new things, go by different names depending on their language and traditions. Some may be called “curious minds” in English-speaking countries, while others might be referred to as “avid learners” or “knowledge enthusiasts.” In other cultures, terms like “学び舎” (Manabido) in Japanese or “学问家” (Guanwen Jia) in Chinese may be used to express the idea of someone deeply devoted to learning. Despite the diverse labels, the universal appreciation for those who possess a genuine passion for learning bridges cultural differences and highlights the shared value of intellectual curiosity.

Perply illustrated these terms in a big map that beautifully shows what countries around the world call keen learners. If you do not find the word people use in your country, kindly leave it in a comment.

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