Most Common Street Names by Country in Europe.

Streets get their names in different ways around the world. Sometimes, streets are named after important people, like leaders or heroes, to honor them. Other times, streets are named based on what’s nearby, like “Maple Street” if there are a lot of maple trees. In some places, streets might be named after landmarks or historical events. And sometimes, streets are simply given numbers or letters to make them easy to find. No matter how they get their names, streets help us navigate and find our way in cities and towns everywhere.

Jakub Marian, a Czech linguist, mathematician, and artist, has created a fascinating map showcasing the most common street names across various European countries, translated into English. This unique map provides insight into the cultural and historical significance of street naming conventions throughout Europe. By examining the prevalence of certain street names, we can gain a better understanding of the traditions, values, and influences that shape each country’s urban landscape. Marian’s innovative approach sheds light on the diversity and richness of European languages and cultures, offering an intriguing perspective on the interconnectedness of our continent.


Jakub Marian


Jakub Marian

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