Teachers Share Their Hilarious Corrections On Students’ Work.

In the world of academia, teachers often find themselves in a delightful dance of red pens and humorous corrections when grading students’ work. These educators, armed with an arsenal of wit and wisdom, sprinkle their feedback with a dash of levity that turns the mundane into a comedic masterpiece. Picture this: a student confidently writes, “The potato famine was caused by too much salsa,” only to be met with a chuckle-inducing correction from their teacher, “I believe you meant to say ‘potato blight,’ not ‘fiesta fever.’ Let’s keep the potatoes and salsa on separate dance floors, shall we?” These light-hearted corrections not only make the learning experience enjoyable but also create a classroom atmosphere where mistakes are embraced with laughter and corrected with a touch of whimsy.


Teachers have to find ways to amuse themselves as they plough through piles of marking 


One professor made their best effort to be 'down with the kids' as they delivered their verdict on this student's sub-par work


One particularly harsh teacher recommending proof reading to prevent the student from 'looking stupid'


A crafty student found a creative way to try and avoid answering a question, however, their teacher wasn't having any of it


A rebellious student decorated his work with a tribute to the underworld, however their teacher was not impressed with their choice of font


This teacher did not hold back when it came to admitting they had not enjoyed marking their paper 


This teacher decided to be as creative as their student when it came to making their exam


This educator decided to humour their student who promised their 'invisible' answer was correct


Other teachers have found a light hearted way of disciplining their pupils such as this child who was awarded a special title 


Despite this pupil offering a very witty answer their teacher had to point out its flaws


One teacher spotted a cheating student and offered them advice for copying next time 


A kind hearted educator was sweet enough to award an extra point for a drawing of a giraffe 


This student was less successful with their sketch as the teacher found it a little threatening 


It isn't just primary school teachers who are up for a laugh with this high school professor warning against comic sans 


This teacher admitted to worrying about the state of their health if they continued reading through a student's paper 


One professor chose to remind students to include a bibliography in a particularly witty fashion


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Bless This Teacher


This Teacher


When Your Prof Is Feeling Savage

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