Map shows the literal meaning of every country’s name.

There are beautiful stories and meanings behind every country’s name. Well, there should be! Etymology is an interesting subject of its own, add in some geography to it and you will be amazed to find out how astonishing and weird the meanings of some countries’ names are.

 While you may know the meaning of your country’s name, other countries’ names remain a mystery to all of us. To unravel the mystery, Credit Card Compare created an insightful map in which they visualized the literal translations and meanings of every country’s name. Let’s break that down by continents. And hey, if the images are too small, just zoom in a little or open them in a new tab, they are in high resolution.


Credit Card Compare


Credit Card Compare

North America

Credit Card Compare

South America

Credit Card Compare


Credit Card Compare


Credit Card Compare

To view the full map in one very big image click [here]. 

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8 thoughts on “Map shows the literal meaning of every country’s name.”

  1. Russia isn’t belong to Asia. If you consider it’s location, so it is located both in Europe and in Asia. So, if Credit Card Compare lack knowledge of a such simple matter, I would seriously doubt their competence in other services they offer.

  2. The names on the maps are not even internally consistent within this article. Which is Brazil, “Red Like an Ember” or “Red Dyewood”? Which is the US: “United States of America” or “United States of Amerigo”? Pretty sloppy.

  3. The names may be the official names but you should have a map with the names that the people who live there use. The Welsh do not call their country “Wales”, they call it “Cymru”, meaning “land of our fellow-countrymen”.

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