20 Awesome Historical Words We Should Bring Back

 Language evolves whether we like it or not.  Language always gains words and features that are incredibly useful but down the road, it also loses equally important features. Below you will find 20 awesome English words that have long been forgotten which we should bring back to daily use.  

1. Snollygoster 

A person who has intelligence but no principles, especially a politician. 

2. Pig puff 

A young woman with the manners of an old one.

3. Fudgel 

The act of giving the impression of working but actually doing nothing.

4. Twatting 

Gossiping idly about unimportant things. 

5. Grumbletonians 

People who are angry or unhappy with the government.

6. Frobly-mobly 

Neither well nor unwell.

7. Lanspresado 

Someone who always conveniently shows up with no money. 

8. Callipygian 

Having beautiful, well-shaped buttocks. 

9. Ultracrepidarian

Somebody who gives opinions about topics they know nothing about. 

10. Philogrobilized

Having a hangover but without admitting to actually drinking. 

11. Grufeling

To lie wrapped up and in a comfortable manner. 

12. Uhtceare

Lying awake and worrying about the day ahead. 

13. Kakistocracy 

Goverment by the least qualified or worst people. 

14. Perendinate

To put off until the day after tomorrow. 

15. Dysania

The extreme difficulty one experiences when getting out of bed in the morning. 

16. Groke

Someone who stares at you when you eat hoping you will share. 

17. Shivviness

The uncomfortable feeling of wearing new underwear. 

18. Cacoethes

The irresistible urge to do something inadvisable.

19. Slugabed

A person who stays in bed after the usual or proper time to get up.

20. Abligurition

Spending lavish amounts of money on food.

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