19 Examples That Show How Confusing Life Would Be Without Proper Punctuation.

Punctuation can be an asset when you know how to use it. But, careful, though! It doesn’t like to be misused. Misplaced and misused punctuation markers will make you an internet meme and a laughing stock to people who know a thing or two about proper language use. It is there for a reason, it can change the meaning of what you want to say and will make you look like a fool when you mess it up. We have put together some hilarious examples that show why punctuation is important in this blog post and we hope you like them. 

1. A comma will save a life here. 

2. We all want our parents to be God.

3. I’m not sure if that’s bread you’re serving.

4. Proper punctuation is all a woman needs. 

5. What did they taste like? 

6. Don’t apologise for the truth. 

7. I knew this day was coming. 

8. Hmm!

9. How can I trust these guys to treat me?!

10. The truth has been spoken. 

11. That’s cute. 

12. I want them both. 

13. Yeah, some of them tend to be wet. 

14. Yep!

15. Commas, commas! 

16. I’m just disappointed. 

17. This got my hopes up. 

18. Past them, but please don’t cut ’em! 

19. I will, thanks! 

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