How To Annoy Europeans With Just One Sentence.

Every nation has their own weak spot and some has put together a map that shows exactly how to piss people off across different european countries in just one sentence. The map is designed and posted on Facebook by Sigmagfx. It was inspired a popular Reddit thread entitled How to Irritate a Citizen of Each European Country in Five Words or Less, the map details the top phrases posted to the forum. This map could come in handy in case you want to travel to some of these countries and want to start an “exciting” conversation with the locals. Suppose someone tells you they’re from Scotland and you ask “where in England is that?” It’s very annoying to a Scott, I gotta say. It’s the like of this that this map shows. it gives a sentence for each country guaranteed to irritate its citizens.

These include:

  • Austria: Are you Germans?
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Muslim Serbs
  • Bulgaria: Still use the Russian alphabet?
  • Croatia: Catholic Serbs
  • Czech Republic: Are you eastern Europeans?
  • England: Los Malvinas son Argentinas
  • Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Baltics? You’re Russian Right? 
  • France: American wines are better
  • Hungary: Are you hungry hahaha
  • Germany: This video is not available in your country.
  • Greece: Macedonia for the Macedonians
  • Ireland: Southern Ireland
  • Italy: I like pasta with ketchup.
  • Macedonia: Southern Serbs
  • Netherlands: ‘Sinterklaas’ is racist
  • Norway: Are you the western part of Sweden?
  • Poland: Polish death camps
  • Portugal: Do you speak Brazilian right? (runner up: ‘ur basically spain lmao’)
  • Romania: Beautiful country, I love Budapest
  • Scotland: Where in England is that?
  • Serbia: Tesla is a Croat
  • Slovenia: Alpine Serbs
  • Spain: So you’re latino? (also: ‘Tortilla? Those used in Burritos?’ and ‘Ah! Toros, flamenco, paella. Right?’)
  • Sweden: Rape capital of the world
  • Switzerland: Belgian chocolate is the best!
  • Turkey: Can you translate this Arabic sentence?
Credit: Sigmagfx

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