Jokes You Will Only Relate To If English Isn’t Your First Language.

There are 1.5 billion people who speak English in the world today. Only 300 million people speak it as their native language, leaving the majority of speakers as non-natives. That means most English speakers in the world today are bilingual. And being bilingual is one of the greatest pleasures you can enjoy, as you experience the world from two, sometimes more, different perspectives. If you are one of these people, the jokes below are just for you. Browse through them and tell us what you relate to the most. 
















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7 thoughts on “Jokes You Will Only Relate To If English Isn’t Your First Language.”

  1. I think there is a mistake in #2. It should read “forgetting a word in your FIRST language,” not 2nd.

  2. The majority of these have nothing to do with speaking English as a second language; they are simply about being bilingual.

  3. Eric Van den Bossche

    Sometimes I don’t notice the subtitles have disappeared (Dutch is my first language, but this happens when a film/series is in English or French with Dutch subtitles)

  4. true ! I also have noticed this ! and sometimes I don’t even remember in what language a text or a conversation was…. At home I mostly speak french and read and watch a lot in English, so sometimes I get confused…

  5. I mean, my mother tongue is Dutch (flemish), but at home we also speak French in order to make our children bilingual, therefore I get confused sometimes 😉

  6. We’re from Indonesia and my parents grew up with Dutch as their second language. When I was little, my parents spoke Dutch around me and my sister when they didn’t want us to listen on their conversation. Much later they started to realize that we now understand Dutch! So they sometimes converse with us in Dutch, or yelled at us in Dutch when they were angry. Happy times! 🙂

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